Denture Repair & Denture Relines in Victoria

Over the course of the life of your dentures you may encounter scenarios that may cause your dentures to crack or fracture. We specialize in helping you make an informed decision on whether your dentures can be safely repaired. In most cases we are able to repair your dentures the same day. One of the more common repairs we see is a hairline crack located in the midline of the denture. This is a strong indication that your dentures may be worn out. In cases such as this we recommend a check-up with Conrad in order to assess whether a repair can be made, or determine if a new denture is required.

Denture Relines – Ensuring your Comfort

In order to allow for ongoing comfort and fit for your dentures you will eventually require a reline. Without a proper relining of your dentures you may find that your dentures are prone to instability and irritation. Usually relines are needed every 2-3 years after you have received your initial pair of dentures.